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Spring Tune-up Tips for Your Bike

  • Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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If you havenít ridden your bike this winter then youíve probably spend most of the time like many of us Ė hibernating. However, before you know it spring will have sprung and it will be time again to join other adventurers on the road with your trusty bike. And even though you may not be in peak condition during such a long break, you should make sure that your bike is. Before you do take your bike out, check the wear and tear on each of its parts and adjust/replace them when and wherever necessary. Start off with your chain. If you havenít replaced it in a year or more, then now is the time to consider doing so. Why? Over time, the individual parts in the chain will begin to wear, increasing its length. When this happens, the chain is no longer able to conform to the cog and the teeth of the chain ring. Therefore, if you can replace the chain before it stretches too much. Youíll save yourself from having to replace high priced cogs and chain rings. Next, letís look at those bearing surfaces. This includes the bottom bracket, hubs, and the headset. Each of these should turn without giving you too much or too little play. In order to check the bracket, first make sure that each cranking arm is tight. Next, wobble the crank arm back and forth. If you hear any clicking then your bottom bracket may need to be adjusted. Also, make a point of checking your hubs. Do this by removing the wheels from the bike and spinning the hub axles to check for free play or binding. If you feel too much play or binding you will need to make adjustments here as well. Next, you should check the headset. First, put the wheels back on your bike. Then, grab the front brake pulling and pushing the handle bars back and forth. Make sure that there is no play here either. Your fork should turn smoothly when you lift it off the ground otherwise you will have to adjust this component of your bike as well. Next, you should check the condition of your cables and housing. Make sure that the cables are rust-free and that the housing is not cracked. If you see either of these signs, you should replace these parts immediately. (Better safe than sorry.) Finally, you should inspect your brake pads. Most pads will have ridges or indicator marks that will let you know when they need to be replaced. Make sure that your pads are not worn. Brake pads that are worn out will compromise both safety and braking efficiency and put your life and the lives of other riders in danger. Once you have all this done you will be ready to head out on the road for a grand adventure. We can provide you with this on one of our bike tour vacations. Just contact us to schedule one of the best biking vacations on the Internet.


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