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Tips on How to Avoid a Sore Butt from Cycling

  • Monday, February 10, 2020
  • Posted By Admin

One of the unfortunate by-products of cycling is butt soreness. This is an important issue because if your backside starts to hurt, both your ride enjoyment and average speed can plummet. Not only that but many cyclists worry about the long term health effects that may be brought on by butt soreness from cycling such as erectile dysfunction in men and urinary problems in women. However, fear not - these tips will help you spend less time shifting around to find a more comfortable position and more time enjoying your ride.

Wear bike shorts: A pair of quality bike shorts is essential for protecting your bottom while you are on extended rides. You should choose a pair that is well-fitting and that has a chamois or a gel liner. If you do multi-day rides, you may need at least two pairs so that one pair is always ready when you are.

Use Chamois cream: Chamois cream is an anti-bacterial, viscous substance that helps eliminate friction between skin and clothing, and therefore the chafing that can occur during a ride. Try applying liberal amounts directly to places that are feeling irritated.

Get the right saddle: A great saddle is one of, if not the most important thing you can purchase to make your ride more comfortable. Just make sure that your saddle is fitted properly and that it is either dead straight or angles to a degree down in front. (You do not want to have to crouch forward too often as this can affect your groin and back area.)

Build-up slowly: If you are not used to cycling for long distances, consider starting out gradually with shorter, less intense rides. By slowing following a structured training plan you will be able to develop both fitness and proper technique which will help you reduce butt soreness.

How to Treat Saddle Sores
The above advice can help you to avoid saddle sores, but no one is immune from this condition. If you are already suffering from saddle soreness, these tips can help.

Take time off from biking: We know how addicting cycling can be but if you begin to suffer from saddle soreness take a day or two off. While you are recovering, wear loose, breathable clothing for the best chance of healing your sore bum.

Use an antibacterial cream: If you develop a rash and other minor skin ailments an antibacterial cream can work wonders on the old backside. Ask your doctor or local pharmacist which is best for your condition.

See your doctor: Really bad saddle sores may require medical intervention. If are having problems sitting, walking, etc. then it may be time to contact your doctor.

We trust these tips will help you to avoid getting a sore butt and/or saddle sores. Also, once you have discovered the best method to reduce saddle soreness, come join us on one of our bike tour vacations. Your friends, family or colleagues will experience some of the best that nature has to offer with one of the best biking vacations on the Internet.

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