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It's a Family Affair - Celebrating 40 years!

  • Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • Posted By Benton Hart

Welcome to Classic Adventures 2019, our 40th year offering world-class vacations to Europe and North America. Ambitious undertakings often start with a quick creative flash. To transform that initial inspiration into a long-lasting reality, a strong foundation is essential. For Classic Adventures, that base originated with our founder Dale Hart's desire to offer university students an experience that would expand their understanding of ancient history and modern Greek culture. Dale felt strongly that travel through a foreign country provides challenges that can strengthen a person, both mentally and physically. This was the start. Our beginnings were humble indeed. In 1973, Dale Hart initiated an extension of a course in ancient history at SUNY Brockport, NY. Students would travel to Greece to experience firsthand important ancient landmarks and better understand what they had studied. The initial trip evolved to bicycling as the means of transportation. Along the way, Professor Hart learned about bicycle mechanics, group travel, the Greek language, and began to make lifelong friends in Greece. In 1979, Dale saw ads in Bicycling Magazine for two, maybe three, companies offering bicycle tours! This prompted him to ask, "Why not me?" His first brochure was a four-page black and white leaflet advertising a three-week trip in Greece for $600. Dale named his trip Bicycle Greece. (Oblivious to the play on words.) In those early days, Dale understood the meaning of commitment, offering a good value, attention to detail, and expertise in bicycle touring. He designed the routes himself, and undertook all the details that go into developing a bicycling vacation. Today our company has grown, now offering a broad menu of destinations. Our staff roster has also grown. Family members continue to be a mainstay and we consider that a great asset.


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