The Historic Romantic Road

Fairytale landscapes, traditional Bavarian cuisine, scenic cycling routes along the back roads of Germany.

Germany's oldest and most celebrated tourist route, the Romantic Road takes the traveler through a rich heritage of Bavarian history, art, and culture. Baroque gardens, rococo churches, fairy tale castles, towers, and gateways that speak of mystery and intrigue these are some of the hallmarks of our German tour.

The Romantic Road offers historical drama extending from Roman times to the present day. The actors are the emperors, kings, nobles, burghers, and peasants. The set varies from magnificent residences, monasteries, cathedrals, and castles in an ever-changing landscape from Wurzburg to the foot of Austrian Alps.

Indeed, the Romantic Road personifies the fine art of bicycle touring. With an incredible network of cycling paths, you see more of the Bavarian countryside, away from traffic. From Wurzburg to Rothenburg, the Gem of Germany, to the fairy tale castles of King Ludwig II perched on the cliffs of the Alps, we'll cycle through the river valleys and forests of southern Germany. We think you will agree this is a once in a lifetime trip through one of the most beautiful and historic areas in all of Europe.

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Daily Itinerary

(Includes daily 10 breakfasts and 7 dinners, Augsburg & Fussen train transfers, full van support)

Day 1

Meet in Wurzburg. Tour old city and the palace of the Prince-Bishops of Wurzburg. Bicycle fitting, wine and cheese reception, followed by dinner.

Day 2

Cycle Romantic Road to Tauberbischofsheim and have lunch in the thriving market square. Lodge in Bad Mergentheim. Visit the town's world famous square and castle. (38 miles)

Day 3

Rothenburg, the Gem of Germany is our destination. The delights of this medieval city are well worth a two-night stay. On our way, take some time to visit Rottingen, the village of sundials. (34 miles)

Day 4

Optional loop ride takes you through Bavarian countryside. Day filled with sightseeing. You'll want to relive the legend of the Meistertrunk depicted by the town clock's automatons. (21 miles + 2 hours of walking the town.)

Day 5

Explore Shillingsfurst Castle and witness a falconry exhibition en route to Dinkelsbuhl, a walled city adorned by towers and gateways. Follow the night watchman on his rounds. (28 miles)

Day 6

Ride to Nordlingen, largest walled city in Germany. Visit a baroque cathedral, Rieskrater-Museum, and Harburg Castle. Lodge in Nordlingen or Donauwoerth. (34 or 48 miles)

Day 7

Day off from cycling. Transfer via rail to Augsburg, the second largest city in Bavaria. Take the day to shop and visit cathedrals and museums of this ancient Roman city. Afternoon train to Landsberg, a fortified border town separating the duchy of Swabia from that of Bavaria. Historic walls, towers, and gates are some of the best preserved in Europe. Be sure to visit the Bavarian Gate.

Day 8

Following the Lech River and the ancient Via Claudia, we cycle from Landsberg to alpine village Schwangau. End at the foot of the Alps with royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau nestled in the mountains above. (45 miles)

Day 9

Follow one of the first roads through the Austrian Alps, now accessible only to bicycles and walkers. Visit castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. (15 miles + castles + many other options)

Day 10