The Ultimate Odyssey. Our hallmark program since 1979!

White marble columns, gnarled olive trees, turquoise blue skies, and radiant sunsets are reflections of Greece. Archaeological monuments reflect Greece's glorious past. Donkeys, sheep, and goats remind us of a simpler age that cherishes village life and generous hospitality.

The Greek people, culture, and climate are all excellent reasons for joining this tour; in addition, our former participants have been especially intrigued with Greece's history, archaeology, and modern culture. If experience counts, Classic Adventures cannot be surpassed in terms of experience in Greece. Classic Adventures founder Dale Hart, has guided excursions to Greece since 1973. Greece continues to be a central part of our tour menu.

Our route avoids the difficult mountains and Athens traffic. Many rides follow the coast. Beginning cyclists in good physical shape can negotiate this tour.

(For those who want more challenge, we always offer a few optional climbs.)

The beautiful Island of Zakinthos with its lovely beaches, intricate network of roads, and friendly people, is a highlight of this tour.

Our itinerary is designed so that most hotel stays are 2-3 nights long. Five nights of lodging are in luxury class hotels; five nights are in A class hotels. This tour is our hallmark program. We invite you to call for a detailed price comparison.You simply won't find a better value in regards to expert guides, lodging, meals provided, scenic routing, and daily historic & cultural talks. This tour includes detailed route notes and maps, marked and painted easy to follow routes, expert historical, cultural and political commentary, and expert bicycle mechanics.

Daily Itinerary

(Includes all breakfasts, 8 dinners; Olympia to Corinth transfer, wine with most dinners.)

Day 1

Morning arrival at hotel. 12:30 pm transfer to ancient Corinth for guided village tour and hike through the Acrocorinth. Orientation. Lodge at 5-star luxury class Hotel Alkyon near the Corinthian Gulf.

Day 2

Ride through vineyards to ancient Nemea for guided tour of this athletic and religious site. (36 miles)

Day 3

Tour archeological sites at Mycenae and Epidauros. Your guide will bring to life the ancient Mycenaeans, chronicled by Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Lunch in Nauplion.Presentation of Ancient Greek Theater.

Day 4

Follow Corinthian Gulf to beach village of Diakofto. Scenic cog rail train ride to mountain village Kalavrita. (42 or 62 miles)

Day 5

Exquisite ride through mountain villages to 5-star luxury class Poseidon Palace seaside hotel. Brake for sheep and goats! (36 or 47 miles)

Day 6

Ferry to Zakinthos Island (three-night stay). Afternoon ride through vineyards, olive groves, and small villages. Wine tasting; traditional pottery. (23 miles)

Day 7

Explore remote regions and spectacular vistas, including most photographed overlook in Greece. (36 or 51 miles)

Day 8

Ride across the island for small boat ride to Keri sea caves. Swim off the boat around the caves. Optional wind surfing and scuba diving. (35 miles)

Day 9

Cycle to Olympia, site of ancient Olympic Games. Splendid 4-star A class Hotel Europa overlooks village and Alphios River. (25 or 48 miles)

Day 10

Morning ride past ancient Olympic stadium, along Alphios River to Vassilaki. Glimpse old Greece as you encounter flocks of sheep and goats, as well as old men and women traveling by donkey. Afternoon guided tour of archeological site and museum at Olympia. (20 or 35 miles)

Day 11

Transfer to ancient Corinth via the picturesque Peloponnesos. Midday arrival and lunch.Transfer to New Corinth train by 1:00 pm. Option to visit archeological ruins in ancient Corinth.