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New York: Historic Erie Canal Bike Tour

Work on the Erie Canal ceremoniously began in 1817. The Canal opened in 1825, and at that time was considered one of the greatest engineering feats of the era. The canal was important in that it connected the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes. Even though we hav...
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New York: Finger Lakes Wine Trail Bike Tour

Glistening gentle lakes shaped like delicate fingers soothe the land and its beholder. Ancient lore explains this unique landscape as the work of a spirit who laid hands upon the ground and left hollows filled with water. Modern lore talks of glaciers that gouged t...
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New York: Historic Hudson River Valley Bike Tour

If you're looking for a ride that offers super cycling, educational stops, and historic points of interest, our Hudson Valley bicycle tour fits the bill. Here you'll find scenic winding roads through quaint villages, arriving at nationally recognized homes of Ameri...
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Mississippi: Natchez Trace & the Antebellum South Bike Tour

Our Natchez Trace tour offers the best of the antebellum South traditional hospitality, early American history, and distinctive architecture. Magnolia trees and moss-draped oaks add a charming flavor to quiet country roads. Classic Adventures enjoys the distinction...
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Texas: Texas Hill Country Bike Tour

This tour, in its 14th season, accents the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Sparkling streams, towering oak and cedar trees, rugged limestone cliffs, and majestic hills highlight this region. In spring, the wildflowers, especially Texas bluebonnets and Ind...
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Pennsylvania: The Great Allegheny Passage Bike Tour

Rails to Trails bicycling bliss! This tour was a natural progression for us since we have been running bike tours along the Erie Canal for the last 20 years. Understanding the challenges of a ride that is ALL on bike path is imperative. We love all that this destin...
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Canada: Historic Quebec - La Belle Province Bike Tour

Renowned French cuisine at sidewalk cafes, dramatic cliff top vistas of the Saint Lawrence River, and evening strolls along the romantic Dufferin Terrace are a few of Quebec City's highlights. This cradle of French civilization provides old world flavor in warm his...
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